“Highly commended as taste forming theatre for tots” – THE IRISH TIMES

“When you can engage from junior infants to sixth class you know the product is good. Would highly recommend the puppet show to any school.” – STRAFFAN NATIONAL SCHOOL

Ireland’s Only Travelling Marionette Theatre

Ciara has been puppeteering with the theatre since 2015. Moon & Sixpence specialise in providing marionette shows for children of all ages. Performance venues include primary schools across Ireland, public libraries, festivals, and corporate events.

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Ciara’s puppeteering role requires an ability to physically manipulate the marionettes, while simultaneously voicing several diverse charcters within a single performance. Ciara has the ability to engage fluidly with a live child audience, reacting in the moment and guiding the children’s attention within the story.

Ciara redesigned the Moon and Sixpence stage front in 2018. The new look incorporates relief model marionettes of a crescent moon and and sixpence piece. The decorative proscenium displays a playful interpretation of ‘the puppeteer at work’.