The National Wax Museum Plus relocated it’s premises in 2017 to the historic Lafayette Building in the very centre of Dublin city. Ciara was heavily involved in the re-imagining of several interactive environments which integrated the museum’s existing wax figures, including the children’s area, the chamber of horrors, and the science area.

Ciara’s personal passion for children’s design prompted her to adopt responsibility for the full conceptual design and scenic execution of the Kid’s Wax World, alongside long time collaborator Gráinne Bath Enright. Ciara and Gráinne developed a vivid dreamlike space, filled with fantasy and adventure. Unsuspecting visitors journey through the wardrobe into an expansive walk through environment, complete with seasonal changes, mysterious castle ruins, 3D wacky twister, an underwater play area for the little ones, and much much more. The images below represent a sample of Ciara’s work from the project.


Environments were designed as atmospheric spaces to accommodate existing National Wax Museum Plus inventory.

Early in the development phase for the new and improved National Wax Museum Plus, Ciara presented a series of mood boards and atmospheric drawings which suggested a design direction for the new building as a whole. The spaces would have a fluid and dreamlike quality, with each area willing the visitor on to the next. The transitions between spaces would be marked not with doors, but with unique entrances representing a portal between worlds. This dreamlike vision was upheld by every design and construction team who subsequently worked on the building. Selected images from the proposal stage are displayed below.


To celebrate the 2016 Christmas season, Tayto established a popup shop in Arnotts shopping centre, Dublin. Arnotts is Ireland’s oldest and largest department store. The pop up shop was divided between two festive spaces; a Tayto merchandise area on the basement level, and a much anticipated Tayto crisp sandwich shop and visual installation in the main window of Arnotts. It is traditional for the department store to set up magnificent window displays during the festive season, which are beloved by locals and tourists alike.

Ciara produced designs for both spaces. The basement shop surrounded a large circular pillar, stretching to the level above. This pillar was transformed into an oversized candy cane, which set the tone for the rest of the design. Giant baubles, luscious garlands, and custom shelves calling to mind stacks of newly wrapped presents filled the space. The window installation was designed to represent Santa’s workshop, with all it’s rustic magic. Tayto branding was seamlessly integrated into both designs.

The project was designed in association with set builder Vincent Bell, and was led by HunterPR on behalf of Tayto Crisps.