Directed by: Daryn Crosbie
Musical Direction: Peter Beckett
Set and Cloths Design: Ciara Cramer
Costume Design: Pauline Mc Caul
Lighting Design: Kevin Smith
Digital Graphics and
Projection: Mirage/ Luis Poveda
Set Construction: Vincent Bell

“We have to take a moment, too, to admire the stage design……….. From scenes where the characters go on dazzling chases around the curtains to the clever representation of Rapunzel’s tower (via a stop off at a Dubs-loving pub, naturally), there’s a beauty to the flow of the scenes, which never feels in the least bit awkward, and swiftly changes the audience view every few moments, lending a sense of place.” – DUBLIN LIVE

“With a snazzily revolving set and a beautifully worked electronic backdrop, this is also the most audience-interactive panto in recent years. The crowd lapped it up.” – IRISH INDEPENDENT


                             ………..Catch a glimpse of what went into the making of the Rapunzel Panto at The Gaiety Theatre.

Video: Courtesy of Mirage.ie